Who we are

Prijsbewuste Uitvaart makes lasting memories.

Prijsbewuste Uitvaart Funeral stands for lasting memories.

Every day a team of 20+ employees work on beautiful, lasting, memories. We want to do that as well as possible. That’s why we do everything ourselves. The funeral attendants, drivers, caretakers, warehouse employees, they are all employed by us on a permanent basis.

We are a growing company, the demand for our services is increasing noticeably. That is why we are regularly looking for new employees. Not to replace others, but to complement our team. If you, like us, share a passion for helping people in difficult times, then feel free to contact us.

Day in day out I enjoy going to my work.

I do this with the full belief that we can help others. As a team we make lasting memories. That strengthens my conviction that this is the industry in which I can express myself the best.

Linda van Altena

Funeral Director – Prijsbewuste Uitvaart

The customer is always #1

Always, regardless.

To work with passion

7 days per week.


Inseparably connected to our work ethics.

To excel

We create lasting memories.

Our values.

We are ready to help you, 24/7. Helping others is our greatest passion. This is due to our core values. We live and work according to the following values.


Open vacancies.

You are always welcome to send us a letter with your CV, we are always looking for motivated employees. An e-mail is also possible, send your open application to: info@uwuitvaartverzorger.nl