The way Linda took over the organization from us gave us peace of mind and the ability to say goodbye in a calm and relaxed way.

Together with friends and family we had plenty of time to be together in peace and say farewell.

Everything was perfectly arranged down to the last detail, even small things that we didn’t even think of were managed correctly.

We are grateful for choosing Prijsbewuste Uitvaart.


Great, beautifully organized. Yours faithfully, Patricia and Wesley

Patricia and Wesley
This is definitely a recommended company for a dignified, warm funeral with a personal touch.
Jimmy Jung

From the first contact I was calmly and kindly guided by Erwin which left me with a good feeling concerning the entire process.

They were Reliable and involved.

De vries

Words can’t describe how much we have been helped by these people. Erwin is such a fantastic human. They have given us so much understanding and compassion.

Thank you so much for organizing the funeral of our father Joop Jansen. We will never forget this.

We could never have made this possible without you. Thank you again!

Bianca van der Bijl

They formed a great team who supported us in arranging a valuable, loving, and honorable farewell for my father-in-law’s wife, our mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, including beautiful mourning photography

Again, we are very grateful.

Simone Vijge-Braam

We’ve had a pleasant experience with the staff, they were able to show a lot of empathy and were able to think along with us about all the possibilities.

Certainly, a funeral company to recommend as they were able to provide us empathy and warmth. Moreover, they also were able to think along.

It seemed that everything was possible concerning our wishes.

Our counselor was very involved during the entire situation, which was very nice and pleasant to experience. Especially during such an emotional period.

Gert Jan

We as a family, have experienced all the care and involvement of Erwin and his team of employees to be enlightening during the darkest days of our lives.

A healthy mix of professionalism, honesty, respect, compassion, and above all a noticeable drive to do their work the best they can.

For us and for the respectful memory of our dear one.

Thanks, and kudos.


There was a sincere involvement with the family and a professional realization of the funeral care.

Completely in line with the available budget!! Hats off!!!!


The contact with Erwin and his colleagues was very pleasant. The team gives personal attention, they think along, and they are patient.

Overall, the experience feels familiar and reliable.


Excellent Funeral Care! Linda is a warm, compassionate, patient, and thoughtful person who offers all the help and support you need.

It’s nice to know that there are still people who are carrying out their profession from their hearts.

Especially during an extremely sad period, their attention felt like a warm bath.

Marion Liewes

I have had a very good experience with this funeral company
They have shown incredible compassion and empathy to the grieving families!

Funeral care done right!

It certainly didn’t feel like it was only about making profit!

Staff was also very friendly and compassionate!

The whole process was well taken care of down to the last detail. I’d give it an A+!

Their service is a must for anyone who wants to organize a good and fair funeral!

Ruud Walburg
Very nice people who helped us a lot with the passing of our mother, wife, and grandmother. Thanks for everything.
Anneke Ossendorp

Erwin & Wendy & Bjorn & Mirjam
On behalf of the family Martens, thank you so much for organizing the complete funeral.

It was very well taken care of.

Johan & Shirley Greiving
My brother-in-law’s funeral was beautifully arranged, thank you very much.
Joël Crosby

Because our family business had to deal with bankruptcy due to corona, we couldn’t realize the funeral we wanted to, so we had to search for alternatives.

The alternative turned out to be the best choice after all. All the options presented to us made up for a very well organized and intimate farewell to my aunt.

We look back on a beautiful ceremony full of respect and dignity. Thanks guys!!!


I’m more than satisfied, the team has been very involved with the whole process, and they thought along with us in a friendly and effective way.

The quotes are affordable. Especially in case someone is not insured and still wants to offer their dear ones a complete farewell.

I would really recommend their services.


They were very helpful and thought along with us concerning all the available options within our budget.

For questions we could always call or text them any time of the day.

They arranged a very nice funeral and were very friendly.

Mieke Visser

Erwin is very involved. He thinks along with you in a very personal and nice way. He knows exactly when to interfere and to assist.

We were able to say goodbye to our brother in a peaceful, and nice manner.


It was a pleasant cooperation. You are heard to and understood. Things had gone differently than initially planned but the changes were handled very well by Erwin and his team.

Nothing but a big thumbs up.

Soraya Lahr

Very friendly people, the funeral was well organized down to the last detail. There was nothing that we had to worry about.

Last minute adjustments were no problem, everything was explained well, and the possible choices were clear.

All in all, we are very happy with the team’s effort!

Kyra Huisman

My mother passed away April 3rd.

I selected the company based on photos of the team.

I didn’t read their stories, their faces told me enough. What a lovely, beautiful people you are.

You made it very bearable for us those dark 7 days.

I’m grateful for that. My kindest regards, and a big hug from Henriette van Duinen

Diana Menning

Bjorn and Linda recently arranged our mother’s funeral. They listened carefully to the wishes of all relatives and tried their best to get to know the deceased person.

They think along with you, like choosing the right funeral card, right down to the flowers, transportation, and the funeral itself. They also arrange the music down and other details you would easily forget.

They are a small family business, what really appealed to us was their personal approach.

I would definitely recommend them.

Henriette van Duinen

If you want to be left with a positive feeling after a sad event, you should be at Prijsbewuste Uitvaart.

Erwin, Wendy, Bjorn and Mirjam and everyone behind the scenes, thank you.

The peace, respect and patience has done us very well. We held a very personal cremation, and you went along with it, and understood the personal importance.

On behalf of the children, supporters, and grandchildren, thank you very much, Hanneke

Hanneke Wagemans

Small company, they think along, and they are not after your money……

Good and honest people.


They arranged my father’s funeral entirely according to my father’s wishes.

We as a family have received a lot of support from the team.

Jurian Stel

They think along with the family, they share their experiences and listen to your wishes.

They are a serious company who create enough space for a smile and a tear.

I, we, will definitely (hope not anytime soon) work with this family company again in the future.

Marcel Kokkelkoren

These are incredibly friendly and caring people who did an excellent job at the funeral of my husband, and father, and grandfather, they assist you with solid advice and they think along with you, thank you, you are the best

Marja Stel

We have been very well assisted. Everything had been arranged perfectly, exactly as it should be.

A lot of respect was shown to us, and our deceased loved one by Erwin.

I just want to show my gratitude to the funeral service.


A friendly company that understands its job.

Wesley Visser

After the sad death of my father and of his wife’s stepmother, All the credits for your loving thoughts and actions, before, during, and after the ceremony.

The funeral has given us peace and space to process our loss. A big recommendation for Prijsbewuste Uitvaart.

Linda and Erwin, thank you both again


Erwin and his team are perhaps the best choice in the Netherlands to organize a dignified farewell for the terrible loss of your child.

At the end of 2019, disaster struck us when we found our 11-month-old son lifeless in his bed. Completely unexpected. We were suddenly put on an emotional rollercoaster, a combination of intense sadness, incomprehension, and important choices. That’s not a good combination.

Erwin guided us fantastically during this period. His approach, presence, and his ability to read people perfectly helped us a lot. His experience in his field guaranteed that he was able to help us with choices that we had never thought about before as we had no idea what to do. He does this with the biggest respect, and really empathizes with you. Even a year after the passing of our son, he sent us a message asking how things were going. Of course, he only does this if he knows for certain whether you’re okay with that.

In the end we were able to give our sweet little man a funeral that really suited him and us, with big thanks to Erwin and his team.

Roy Sonnega

Erwin and his team arranged our mother’s funeral. from the first contact there has been a good mutual feeling which just got better and better over time.

Erwin thought along with us and took most of our worries away. It was a beautiful funeral, with enough room for both a smile and a tear.

Everything was immaculately taken care of.

Erwin, and the whole team, thank you very much!

Ronald Stuifzand

Incredibly nice people, who take care of everything down to the last detail.

We’ve had pleasant contact, and we felt like we didn’t have to think about anything.

Also, it’s great that Erwin and his team were so flexible and fast!

Thank you!

Jolet van Erkel

Due to the good reviews on the internet, we ended up at Prijsbewuste Uitvaart for my mother’s funeral. The fact that we live in the west of the country was no obstacle for them to support us all the way.

Our first moment of telephone contact with Erwin was pleasant. The moments of contact we’ve had afterwards were pleasant as well.

Erwin showed confidence, expertise but above all empathy. Erwin carefully and respectfully arranged the funeral and everything surrounding it, he thought along with us and respected our wishes and needs as relatives.

I’ve got nothing but praise and I would recommend them to anyone.

Heleen Beumer

Excellent care for our deceased relatives, and guidance for family and friends. They have been friendly and involved.


Very friendly people who helped us very well and in a very kind manner with the funeral of our mother and grandmother.

Thank you for everything.

Kind regards, Dominique, Samantha and Manny

Dominique Manny

Beautiful funeral. Nice, well organized, and personal.

Arranged just perfectly.

Manita Pronk

Erwin recently arranged the funeral of my grandmother and my father. I cannot think of a better funeral director.

It was thought out down to the last detail. I’d like to thank Erwin and the rest of the team for a beautiful ceremony.

You deserve 5 stars!

Albert Eertink

Perfect funeral care, on behalf of me and the family a big compliment to you all…

Erik Tenbos
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