A unique and personal funeral starting from € 799,-

Our family business can offer a complete cremation starting from € 799. Our fixed packages can, of course, be expanded and enhanced as desired. A tailor-made funeral is, of course, also possible.

To provide a personal and stylish funeral, that is what our family stands for. Our experienced employees are ready to help you with every possible obstacle.

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Our standard funeral packages

Silent funeral

€ 799,-

A silent cremation in a crematorium of our choice. You pay the competitive price of € 799 for this package.

  • Arrangement of the cremation;

  • Cremation at the location of our choice;

  • Clothing of the deceased

  • Careful placement of the deceased on a funeral tray;

  • Transfer of the deceased, regardless of time;

  • Provision of the ash via an ash canister or scattering urn;

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Or call directly: 085-4851452

Modest funeral

€ 1449,-

A modest funeral with a maximum of 10 guests. You pay the extremely competitive price of € 1449 for this package.

  • All provisions of the Silent funeral package, include;

  • Delivery of an oak printed coffin with satin interior;

  • Cooling of the deceased in one of our central cooling units;

  • Care taking of the deceased;

  • Farewell service for 10 guests in 1 of our farewell houses;

  • Transport of the deceased on the day of the funeral;

  • Creation of a digital card.

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Or call directly: 085-4851452

Discrete funeral

€ 1799,-

A discrete funeral for 20 guests, including refreshments. The Discrete funeral package will only cost you € 1799.

  • All provisions of the Modest funeral package, include;

  • A moment to say goodbye in a special farewell room fit for 20 guests;

  • Transport of the deceased on the day of the funeral;

  • One cup of coffee or tea per person;

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Or call directly: 085-4851452

Complete funeral

€ 3449,-

A complete funeral for 50 people, including beverages. For this package you only have to pay € 3449,-.

  • All provisions of the Discrete funeral package, include;

  • Transfer of the deceased by two employees;

  • Farewell service at the crematorium for 50 guests;

  • Transport on the day of the funeral with a luxury hearse;

  • Care taking of digital declaration of death.

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Or call directly: 085-4851452

Custom funeral

Would you like a completely customized funeral in accordance with all your wishes? Customization is always possible. Tell us what you have in mind. Our employees will provide a suitable and completely non-binding quote.

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Report a death

We are at your service 24 hours a day. If you want to report a death, you can reach us on +31(0)85-4851452. You can also report the death to us directly via the site. Do that by pressing the button below.

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Our services go beyond the funeral

A funeral involves a lot of organizing. We are happy to help you with the entire organization. However, we offer much more than that. We can also supply you with urns, coffins, and funeral caskets from our stock. In addition, you can also contact us for funeral transport.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you also file death declarations?

For some packages we do indeed provide a declaration of death. However, most packages do not include it. This is an additional service.

Will I receive (additional) invoices later?

You will receive the invoice that you’ve agreed to. Apart from the consumptions (based on actual calculations), all rates remain clear and transparent in advance.

Can I also adjust one of your packages?

With our variety of funeral packages, we intend to offer you a balanced foundation. Of course, a lot is possible. Feel free to discuss any potential adjustments with our employees. We never say “No” for an answer.

Do you take Covid-19 into account?

We take the current Corvid-19 measures in account for all services that we provide. If you have any questions concerning these measures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I record my wishes in advance?

Would you like to record your wishes in advance? Then fill out our free will. Contact our employees, and they will send it to you.

Can you arrange my funeral?

If you are insured with Yarden, Dela or Monuta, then your insurance covers the costs incurred by us.